Letters From an Expatriate (live EP)

by Robert Deeble

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Recorded live, July 10, 2013, at The Compound Studio in Long Beach California (Deeble's former hometown). Featured on this performance are the original studio players from Deeble's 1998 "Earthside Down" album who joined him for one date during his solo tour supporting Heart LIke Feathers. Proceeds from this release help to benefit The Compound Studio.


released December 14, 2013

Robert Deeble - Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Lilli De La Mora - Vocals
Antoine Arvizu - Drums
Greg Coates - Bass


all rights reserved



Robert Deeble Seattle, Washington

"Beautiful music for the sake of beautiful music" Seattle Weekly

"Deeble's authentic lyrics, along with stunning instrumental arrangements, make this album one of his strongest"
Performer Mag

"Few of his albums are more intimately honest than Heart like Feathers..." Stereo Inversion

"I'm not sure I'd want to start rowing toward a deserted island without it." BLURT (9 out of 10 Stars)
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Track Name: The Colors of Dying (LBC Live)

Black heart
a hollow vexing

Long dark road
in the fall of longing

A clipped wing crow
a siren's calling

Black heart 

a hollow vexing

Solitary bird that flies at night,
death of autumn leaves
now taking flight

Silver moon

the light comes piercing

Steel bright blue,
like a scalpel's wounding

The thought of you,
in the light of morning

Autumn hues
in the colors of dying

My heart a solitary bird
that flies at night

Break this darkened will
until it bleeds some light

Track Name: Eucharist (LBC Live)
Second round before the count,
the gloves went off, we both went down. 

Blindsided by the distance you were just in reach. 

I watched the towers fall on your TV.

Stumbling Hands and burning eyes,
we hold our own, then compromise
I just want to begin again,
I just want to live in our own skin.

I think it’s kind of strange,
we get so close we get estranged.
We get so close, we get estranged.

Forty days and forty nights,

Noah watched the river rise.
You flood again, I go for wood,
all our years misunderstood.

We get so close we get estranged.


Walk into mass , the ceilings high with loftiness
and lowered eyes.
The sound of choirs, a slow caress,
covers wounds my heart has dressed.

A Lover's quarrel, all in duress,
I fold my arms for Eucharist
We fell in love - we got enmeshed,
bless me father I'm a mess....

Bless me father I'm a mess.

from Heart Like Feathers (Ltd. Edition), released 10 April 2013
Track Name: Heart Like Feathers (LBC Live)

Everybody’s running to the sound of a burning light
are you with me?

Lovers in the arms
of another sleepless night
can you save me?
come on save me…

Caged bird
singing like a prophetess;
artful and tragic

the wire lines
of all our complex points of logic

And he woke up
tired of dying
A shame of self
not living in
God-given skin

My mind
holds this building together;
tassel to tether

Salvation comes like a wrecking ball
in a plume of dust and
a heart like feathers

A heart like feathers

from Heart Like Feathers (Ltd. Edition), released 10 April 2013
Track Name: Jack's Diary (LBC Live)
The days spread out
like the miles between us
A light goes out on the dash board horizon
Midnight calls from old pool halls
where you talk over shout
these are the days jack never wrote about

Nashville ain't the place to play on a sunday...
how was I to know with the agent from ohio
and me, I’m from l.a. where nothing is sacred
Busted and broke stuck drinking coca cola for stout
these are the days jack never warned about

Followed eighteen wheels
west until — the day ends
one gave their blind spot for the wind
Pull in between the giants that dream of cargo en route
these are the days jack never wrote about

from Thirteen Stories, released 01 January 2004
Track Name: Earthside Down (LBC Live)
blame it on the satellites
damn the rocket ships
you shot em way too high
like little graven images

if you draw me into light
with all the clamor of your kiss
it leave me downward spiraling
with all my fears and fragile moments

it's never what you want
i’m always earthside down
it brings you down…

you crave convention in a sound bite
never mind the prophets at your door
you want a motorcycle ride

it's never what you want
i’m always earthside down
it brings you down…

from Earthside Down, released 01 January 1999
Track Name: A Russian Murder Ballad (LBC Live)
Inspired by Dostoevsky‘s “The Brothers Karamazov”
In the evening she kisses the earth
as she kneels down to pray
And her sorrows are all that are pure
as silence becomes language

He is a man bent on his rage
with the passion that burns him
too close to the skin
A flame that ignites to a brilliant mistake
and his conscience is all that is left
there without stain

I am Alyosha in a room full of souls
give me your sorrow i’ll give you my hope
faith, love, longing and joy
and i'll be your angel with with the face of a boy

The sins of the father run blood red with wine
"Grushenka my darling" the old man still cries
Brother you murdered your soul with your mind
dissect all the parts to the whole
where the whole leaves you blind

And I am Alyosha in a room full of souls
give me your sorrow i will give you my joy
there is not one that heaven can't hold
and i'll be your angel in earth colored clothes

Who by fate or fire's dim light
took from Karamazov
the end of his life?

by the end of the rope
the son of a sensualist
by idiot's birth

from Thirteen Stories, released 01 January 2004

(*original lyrical content=
There by the rope
hangs the end of his curse
the son of a sensualist by idiot's birth)
Track Name: Junkyard (LBC Live)
Under thick walls of skin
and all its allure
you betrayed yourself
in an unguarded moment

Now we are lost
searching the ground
for something
A life within loss
like words
without sound

Blessed are the poor,
the mourners, the meek
all of us whores
losers and freaks

beautifully still
All of your life, love, hopes, dreams, thrills
forever sleep there beneath
a cruel indifference

from Earthside Down, released 01 January 1999