Thirteen Stories

by Robert Deeble

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(free) 02:44


released January 1, 2004

Robert Deeble - guitars/piano/vocals
Matt Claterbuck - bass/vocals
Lili De La Mora - wurlitzer/vocals
Pete Deeble - drums
Produced by Matt Wignal at Tackyland/Long Beach Ca.


all rights reserved



Robert Deeble Seattle, Washington

"Beautiful music for the sake of beautiful music" Seattle Weekly

"Deeble's authentic lyrics, along with stunning instrumental arrangements, make this album one of his strongest"
Performer Mag

"Few of his albums are more intimately honest than Heart like Feathers..." Stereo Inversion

"I'm not sure I'd want to start rowing toward a deserted island without it." BLURT (9 out of 10 Stars)
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Track Name: The Boy with the California Sun
He was the boy with the California sun
that followed him down
by the curls of his crown

wherever he walked
the sun warmed the ground
and the sky pulled back
the folds of her gown

Once or twice seems coincidental
but three times forms the cause
so we asked him to stay
to warm all our thoughts
and shed winter coats for lazy lovely days

It was never his fault
the boy with sun
he was just one
with the wonder of it all

And the sun shown
on all dark corners
Breaking closets free
with all of our skeletons
crawling out for heat

He was the boy with the california sun
that walked to the pier
by the point of a gun

And the sea took him in
and swallowed him whole
and the sky rolled back
like a scroll

It was never his fault
the boy with sun
he was just one
with the wonder of it all

Music and Lyrics p&© Robert Deeble
Track Name: The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson
This is my letter to the world
that left no forwarding address
all the secrets of a girl
whose tongue would not confess
save for the power of the pen
Emily Dickinson
took the boat for england
lost her husband. took a child.
thick lipped. yet delicate. she
sailed away for new york

Brownstone apartment. fire escape.
a view of harlem from the stairs.
The sting of wind against the skin
the call of vendors in the air
and all the downcast and downtrodden (who gather there)

The white horse tavern took her in
poured her absinthe and a shot of gin
(lucky worked the bar on mondays, he said hello).
She met a man who made her smile
he made her laugh. it drove him wild.
and when he turned to pay the tab
he lost her to a taxi cab

(E. D.) took the bus from new york
bound her memoirs of the sea
thick lipped. yet delicate. she
drove to california
Track Name: Peter and the Lion (v. 2 premix)
Warm is your breath. mysterious
all my faith and fear beneath your silent shroud
you draw me near ... like a child

Voice undistinguished between — joy and sorrow
the warmth of love. you call my name
in the strongholds of peace
break me to tears before the kindest maker
Track Name: Blue
you make me smile
when your mood
lies down
here for awhile
could you afford a major chord
to make us all smile?

shine down
let your blue light hue
touch the ground
do you mind keeping time
here with my sound?
Track Name: Jack's Diary
The days spread out
like the miles between us
A light goes out on the dash board horizon
Midnight calls from old pool halls
where you talk over shout
these are the days jack never wrote about

Nashville ain't the place to play on a sunday...
how was I to know with the agent from ohio
and me, I’m from l.a. where nothing is sacred
Busted and broke stuck drinking coca cola for stout
these are the days jack never warned about

Followed eighteen wheels
west until — the day ends
one gave their blind spot for the wind
Pull in between the giants that dream of cargo en route
these are the days jack never wrote about
Track Name: A Formal Apology
Sleep don't wake its late. you work too hard
and all that I have wanted to tell you
lies shrouded
Misspent in ventures far too grand
like best laid plans
that fail to the weight of intentions
as youth and its glorious engine
stalls by the fuel of its dreams

Like a bird that falls from the wire
falls as she sings like a beautiful liar
I was the house troubled by fire
you were the priceless thing
in the attic of desire
Track Name: Eclipse
Stay don’t go
grace is a lover undressing the soul
I’ll wait here for her tomorrow
where sunlight hides behind the moon
I long to confess with her hands to my chest
all my sorrows fall into you

God you feel like an eclipse
where I get so in-ar-tic-u-late
and the words just cling to my lips.
Does that make two of us?

Faith into hope
love lies down between them both
And I’ll wait here for her tomorrow...
I long to confess with your mouth to my lips
my transgressions fall into you.
Track Name: Joe and the Space Program
It's ok Joe
you'll get it right the next time around
don’t let it bring you down…

so you shot the rocket ship a little left of mars
calculating inches to the nearest star.

Don't forget the glory days
we beat the russians to the moon
and not a second too soon
not a second too soon…

so we lost our crown
to the information age
with all the glam and glitter
there for outer space….

It's ok… joe
what's a million trillion dollars for?

This one goes out
to the hubble telescope…
and all the mars
lunar lander probes
with the grounded shuttle fleets
beneath cape canaveral's stars
like all those laid off workers
in the detroit bars
(with their gm cars)

It's ok… joe
what's a million trillion dollars for?
Track Name: A Russian Murder Ballad
In the evening she kisses the earth
as she kneels down to pray
And her sorrows are all that are pure
as silence becomes language

He is a man bent on his rage
with the passion that burns him
too close to the skin
A flame that ignites to a brilliant mistake
and his conscience is all that is left
there without stain

I am Alyosha in a room full of souls
give me your sorrow i’ll give you my hope
faith, love, longing and joy
and i'll be your angel with with the face of a boy

The sins of the father run blood red with wine
"Grushenka my darling" the old man still cries
Brother you murdered your soul with your mind
dissect all the parts to the whole
where the whole leaves you blind

And I am Alyosha in a room full of souls
give me your sorrow i will give you my joy
there is not one that heaven can't hold
and i'll be your angel in earth colored clothes

Who by fate or fire's dim light
took from Karamazov
the end of his life?

There by the rope
hangs the end of his curse
the son of a sensualist by idiot's birth